5 bold predictions for Buffalo Bills vs. Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 5

Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills
Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills / Timothy T Ludwig/GettyImages
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2.) Bills’ defense gets 4+ sacks for third consecutive game

The Buffalo defense has been a complete shock considering that there were so many questions going into this season. Middle linebacker Terrel Bernard has taken command of the defense, the secondary is locking down wide receivers, and the defensive line has been creating a great amount of pressure on quarterbacks.

They currently have 16 sacks, with the last two weeks having 9 sacks in Week 3 and having 4 sacks in Week 4. Through four weeks, Jaguars’ quarterback Trevor Lawrence has been sacked 8 times so far and Buffalo will look to make the number go up this Sunday. 

What could make this more of a not-so prediction is if Von Miller is activated to the roster and ends up playing, whether he is on a pitch count or not. Coming in as the 2nd ranked defense, Lawrence has a tough task at hand. Look for Sean McDermott to bring all of the heat to test Lawrence against this ferocious defense.