5 bold predictions for Buffalo Bills preseason game against the Steelers

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O'Cyrus Torrence will solidify his position as the starting right guard

When O’Cyrus Torrence was drafted, I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited for a draft pick in my life.  Torrence brings what this offensive line has lacked for years and that’s size and a road grader mentality.

Torrence has all the tools to become a dominant offensive guard in the NFL.  He got the start in last week’s preseason game and played very well, especially as the game went on.  He became more comfortable in there with what could be the starting five.

This offensive line is not only better with him in there, but the depth becomes a huge strength as well.  With Ryan Bates’ ability to play any of the interior line spots, it gives the Bills an answer should one of them go down.  Specifically with Mitch Morse, who I hope isn’t a concern but there is the concussion history and if he suffers another one, there is a real possibility we don’t see him again in uniform.

With Torrence in the starting lineup, it frees up Bates to focus on being the primary backup to Morse and gives the Bills a viable option if needed at either of the guard spots.  I think Torrence comes out with the starting five again this week and to me, that all but signifies the Bills are moving forward with him as the starting right guard in 2023.

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