5 bold predictions for Buffalo Bills preseason game against the Steelers

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Gabe Davis will continue his dominant training camp and preseason

Another player that fans have been down on is Gabe Davis but he’s done nothing throughout training camp and these practices that makes me think he’s going to be an issue.  In fact, it’s been the exact opposite.

So far, Davis has looked like what most of us expected him to look like in 2022 but an early season ankle injury seemed to really bring his play down.  He even said as much during a recent press conference, stating the injury did slow him down.  It’ll be good to see what a healthy Davis can do with this offense. Even still, he had seven touchdowns a season ago and was number two in the league for yards per reception.  While he had some untimely drops, he was far from a disaster, as some will tell you.

I fully expect Davis to shine in this week’s preseason game against the Steelers.  In fact, I am on record as predicting Josh Allen will throw two touchdowns in this game before the end of the first quarter, and I’ll go so far as to say that one of those two will be to Davis.