5 bold predictions for Buffalo Bills preseason game against the Steelers

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Kyle Allen will have a bounce-back performance

Speaking of quarterbacks, there has been a lot of talks these past couple of weeks about the Bills' backup quarterback situation.  It’s definitely a new era in Bills football when fans are concerned about a backup position; however, should the worst happen and the Bills be without Josh Allen for an extended period of time, the backup will become a major question.

Kyle Allen wasn’t impressive in the first game but I also don’t think he was as bad as some people believe.  This offense will be vastly different without Josh if it comes to that, regardless of who the backup is.  Additionally, Josh recently commented in a press conference that Kyle will be fine and that he’s new to this offensive scheme.  It’ll take time for him to fully grasp the nuances of the play-calling.

That said, there is no question that Kyle is the more physically gifted quarterback between him and Matt Barkley but still, Kyle will need to have a good understanding of the offense if he is to win the backup role.

That said, my prediction this week is that Kyle Allen will have a better game and help alleviate some of Bills Mafia’s concerns about him as the number two quarterback behind Josh Allen. Let's just hope we never have to find out if he can lead this team to wins.