5 biggest questions entering Week 1 that the Buffalo Bills need to answer

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Will the Buffalo Bills shut up the New Jersey Jets?

Can I just say that I'm really tired of hearing about how great the Jets are and even more tired of seeing all those marketing ads with Aaron Rodgers in the Jets uniform? The images look odd and I don't want to hear the chatter anymore.

The Jets will be a good football team and likely the biggest competition for the Bills in the division but all the hype is unreal. I get it, there was a lot of hype surrounding the Bills a season ago but at least the Bills just completed their third consecutive division title, three straight trips to the playoffs, and have been close each time.

What have the Jets done in recent memory other than losing? They haven't won a division championship since 2002 and haven't made the playoffs since 2010. I understand they traded for one of the former best quarterbacks in the NFL but his playoff performances in the last several years haven't been anything special, oh and he's 39 years old.

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