5 biggest questions entering Week 1 that the Buffalo Bills need to answer

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Is Terrel Bernard ready to step up and lead this defense as the middle linebacker?

Despite having not played a single down in the preseason, Coach McDermott awarded the starting middle linebacker spot to Bernard, at least for Week One. Is it possible this changes going into next week? It's certainly possible but if Bernard plays well, he could begin to solidify himself in the role for the long haul.

The fact that Bernard got the call over Tyrel Dodson says more about Dodson than it does Bernard. Dodson played the entire preseason, yet was not able to impress the coaches enough to make them comfortable naming him the starting linebacker. It's already being said Dodson may not be on the Buffalo Bills roster by the end of the season.

Adding fuel to this thought is the addition of veteran middle linebacker Christian Kirksey. Will we see Kirksey take over at some point this season? I think it's very possible but Bernard has a chance right now to step up and be the guy to lead the 2023 Buffalo Bills defense.