5 of the biggest questions facing the Buffalo Bills at this point of the season

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Can the Bills get into the playoffs and make a run for the Super Bowl?

The short answer here is yes, but will they, might be the better question. This Bills team is more than capable of beating any team in the league. We've seen how good they can be, particularly on the offensive side of the ball. We've seen it at moments in games, including the past five. If Allen and company can get things rolling again, this team should have no problem making the playoffs.

I think the Bills will get things together enough to beat the Broncos, Patriots, and Jets. That's three more wins, giving them eight. I think ten wins (hopefully) get you in, so where do the other two come from? The list is the Eagles, Chiefs, Cowboys, Chargers and Dolphins. I like to think they can get at least two of the five. The Chiefs aren't a strong offensive team this season, the Chargers seem to find ways to lose, thanks to their head coach, and the Dolphins can't beat anyone with a winning record. Just get into the playoffs Buffalo. After that, you never know what could happen and who might get hot.

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