5 biggest questions for the Buffalo Bills entering second preseason game

Indianapolis Colts v Buffalo Bills
Indianapolis Colts v Buffalo Bills / Bryan M. Bennett/GettyImages
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The Buffalo Bills started out their preseason with a victory over the Indianapolis Colts, winning 23-19 where it was quarterback Matt Barkley leading the way in the second half.  This was their only home game of the preseason and will not be back in Orchard Park until September 17th for their home opener against the Las Vegas Raiders in week two. With the build up to their first preseason game, there were players that stood out and made a great first impression. Along with that, there were also players that struggled a bit. 

With the Bills going into their second preseason game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, there is more clarity on which direction the Bills are going into this season. However, there are still some things that may need to be figured out going into the second preseason game. 

As the Buffalo Bills prepare for their next game against the Steelers, here are the five biggest questions heading into week two of the preseason.