5 biggest questions for the Buffalo Bills in first preseason game

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Which cornerback will pull ahead in the CB2 competition?

This is the other position I have the most interest in.  If the Bills can get this position figured out and not have three different guys rotating in and out, it should go a long way in vaulting this defense to number one in the league.

The battle is being waged between Dane Jackson, Kaiir Elam, and Christian Benford and all three have made plays throughout training camp.  At one point, it looked like Jackson was getting the first team reps and separating himself but then the other two have been making plays and inserting themselves in the CB2 role.

With Jackson, we know who he is, we know his ceiling as we’re already seeing it.  My hope is that either Elam or Benford wins this battle because there is far more upside with either of those two.  I don’t buy into the notion that Elam has to win it because he was the first-round pick either.

Regardless of who ultimately wins the CB2 role, the Buffalo Bills have a lot of depth at the position, something they haven’t really had in years past, especially when they lost Tre’Davious White in 2021.  Speaking of White, if he plays, it would be great to see if he can continue that upward trajectory, we saw late in the season a year ago.

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