5 biggest questions for the Buffalo Bills in first preseason game

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Will one of the Bills' receivers begin to separate themselves in the slot?

The Buffalo Bills have a handful of options this season at the slot position, which is good, given the struggles last season.  I believe that when Jamison Crowder went down early, it completely changed what the Bills wanted to do offensively.

This season, the possible options are Khalil Shakir, Deonte Harty, Trent Sherfield, and Andy Isabella.  There are of course other wide receivers on the roster, but these are the ones I think have a legitimate opportunity to earn that slot role.

If you want my biased opinion, I hope Shakir wins the role and is the sole owner of the slot position.  First of all, I don’t want to see a slot by committee, secondly, I live in the Boise area and watched Shakir’s collegiate career from the moment he was recruited to Boise State.  I know what he’s capable of and he can make plays.

Honestly, at the end of the day we all have a favorite, but I want the right guy out there, the best guy, and if that’s not Shakir, that’s fine, just make plays.  Let’s not forget that Dalton Kincaid might play a role at the position as well.