5 biggest questions for the Buffalo Bills in first preseason game

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Will the Buffalo Bills' offensive line show improvement from 2022?

Since I brought up the offensive line in the last section, let’s go ahead and get into this group now.  I wouldn’t say I’m worried or concerned about the Bills’ offensive line but more very cautiously optimistic.

I want to say this is the best line that’s been put together in the McDermott and Beane era, but I said that last year and couldn’t have been more wrong.  I’m not going down that road again until I see it on the field.

I hope to see O’Cyrus Torrence dominate out there too, as I think he could be a very significant piece to this offensive line.  I like Ryan Bates but I simply think he’s more suited to be the backup to Mitch Morse.  If Torrence can win the job, I think it puts the Bills in a better position as far as depth, due to Bates’ ability to play anywhere on the interior offensive line.

Another one I want to see to see get some playing time and do well is Spencer Brown.  I know there was talk last week about him getting hurt but we haven’t really heard too much sense and it’s unknown if he will play this weekend.  If he’s out there, then that means the potential injury isn’t an issue and hopefully he plays well.  There are a lot of Bills fans that have no faith at all Brown.

Will Damar Hamlin play in the Buffalo Bills preseason opener?

Damar Hamlin was cleared by all his doctors to once again play football but will he take the field on Saturday in the Bills preseason game?  If he walks out on the field, I imagine the stadium will give him a standing ovation, even though the game is being played in Indianapolis.

I would love to see him out there and make his return, but I’m also worried for him.  I can’t imagine what will be going through his mind and despite the medical clearance, there is a mental hurdle he’ll have to overcome as well.

"[The first day in pads was a] super big hurdle as you can imagine, like, I pretty much lost my life playing this sport"

Damar Hamlin

Hamlin has been making plays in training camp too, with getting an interception and making tackles.  If he can make a full return to the game he loves, he’s likely going to be a finalist for the NFL Comeback Player of the Year and probably win it.

There have been rumors and thoughts going around too that the Bills might have to cut him from the roster, but I simply don’t see that happening.  He’s a good player, knows the defense, and provides excellent depth at the safety positions.