5 biggest questions for the Buffalo Bills entering 2024 free agency

Tyrel Dodson, Greg Rousseau, Jordan Phillips
Tyrel Dodson, Greg Rousseau, Jordan Phillips / Rich Barnes/GettyImages
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Who will feel potential hole(s) at safety

Micah Hyde is a pending free agent, but all signs are pointing to him retiring but there is still the possibility of him returning. Jordan Poyer is under contact for the 2024 season but there is the possibility of his retirement as well. If both Poyer and Hyde choose retirement, the Bills will have some work to do to revamp the position.

Even if Poyer returns, can the team depend on him to play at an elite level? He played much better down the stretch but also showed signs of slowing. Same with Hyde, even if he returns, do the Bills need to upgrade? Tayler Rapp is an option but he's also a free agent. The safety tandem for the Bills could look very different in 2024, including maybe a rookie.

Should the Bills move on from Deonte Harty and sign another free agent WR

The Deonte Harty experiment didn't work out. Sure, he had an electrifying return that saved the game but other than that, he was essentially non-existent. He's under contract for 2024 but maybe the team should consider releasing him instead. Doing so would save more than $4.1 million. This savings will be needed to sign a potential new number two receiver.

If I'm Beane, I take the savings afforded by releasing Harty and apply that elsewhere. Like I said, they can use that money towards maybe signing a new receiver. There are some free agent options that I like and wouldn't mind seeing in a Bills uniform, in addition to drafting a couple more.


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