5 biggest needs the Buffalo Bills must address to remain Super Bowl contenders

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The Buffalo Bills need to address the safety position

It's most likely that Micah Hyde will retire but we don't know that for sure. There has also been speculation that Jordan Poyer could retire as well. That latter of which I have not heard anything from Poyer or his agents but fans and media will continue to speculate, he's under contract through the 2024 season. Regardless of what Hyde ultimately decides to do, Buffalo needs to find answers now and for the future. I'm not opposed to getting someone via free agency but I go back to my comment about the defensive line. Buffalo needs to infuse talent and youth, it's time to rebuild this defense, around the young talent currently in place.

I think the Bills defense could survive the rough patches of having rookies starting, given we currently have guys like Ed Oliver, Matt Milano, Christian Benford, Taron Johnson, Greg Rousseau, and Rasul Douglas. Tre White will return at some point as well and hopefully, he can ramp up pretty quickly back into form. If Buffalo plugs in a couple of rookies along the defensive line in a rotation, along with a safety, I think they'd be just fine, especially in the later part of the season, when it matters most.