5 biggest concerns for the Buffalo Bills entering the 2023 regular season

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Can the Buffalo Bills get their running game going when they need it?

I keep hearing fans saying the Bills need to stop running Josh Allen so much but if you dig into the numbers, Allen isn't getting the called runs the majority of his runs are him deciding to take off. I think that will be a bit more limited if the offensive line can protect better, but I do want to see more called run plays for Allen. Just enough to let defenses know that is an option and viable weapon within the Bills offense.

Both James Cook and Devin Singletary averaged well over four yards per carry in 2022 but it seemed like there were a lot of short gains and loss of yards. Again, it's an issue of consistency, which seems to be the prevalent theme throughout this article. Can Damien Harris help bring that consistency?

Part of that is with the offensive line but also the backs hitting their holes with speed and acceleration. They can't dance around or misread their blocks. I think the run game will be better this season but I also don't see the Bills becoming a run-first team, so they don't need to be an elite running team, just consistency and the threat of a run game will be enough to make things a little easier on Josh Allen and the passing game.

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