5 best case schedule scenarios for Buffalo Bills in 2024

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Kansas City Chiefs v Buffalo Bills
AFC Divisional Playoffs - Kansas City Chiefs v Buffalo Bills / Perry Knotts/GettyImages
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The Buffalo Bills have known since the end of the 2023 season which teams they are going to play this upcoming season as that is determined typically on a rotation but also where they finish in the division. Since the Bills won the AFC East, they drew the winner of the AFC West and AFC North along with the entire NFC West and AFC South.

Based on the winning percentage from last year, the Bills have the sixth toughest strength of schedule. However, depending on the order of the way they play these teams and how their schedule is set up could make the upcoming schedule tougher or more manageable.

With that in mind, these are five best-case scenarios for the Buffalo Bills schedule in 2024.

Open the 2024 season with a road trip to the West Coast

The Buffalo Bills are going to have to make two trips to the West Coast this upcoming season with road games against the Seattle Seahawks and Los Angeles Rams. These are not easy trips as they travel across the country and the strain can only be compounded if the week before these trips is another road game or even on a short week.

However, the NFL can do them a favor by having the first game of the season be against the Seahawks or Rams. It will be early in the season and a trip to the West Coast may not have as much of an impact on the players. The coaching staff can also probably manage that a little easier than if it was later in the season.