5 backups the Buffalo Bills may need to rely on in Week 7

Buffalo Bills v Washington Commanders
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Kingsley Jonathan

The Buffalo Bills haven't been at full strength at defensive end for a few weeks now as Greg Rousseau would miss the game against the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 5 to return last week against the New York Giants. However, injuries continue to linger for Rousseau as he was limited in practice on Wednesday.

In addition, Shaq Lawson missed the game against the Jaguars as well to return against the Giants but played only 17 snaps. Meanwhile, the Bills have also been slowly trying to ramp up Von Miller, who returned in Week 5 from his torn ACL from last year. Miller would play in 20 snaps in Week 5 and then play 27 in Week 6.

With that said, the Bills need another defensive end to step up to help reduce the workload on some of these other players and that could be Kingsley Jonathan. The former Syracuse Orange pass rusher played 30 snaps in Week 5 but saw that total drop to five last week against the Giants.

If Miller is not ready for a full workload or Rousseau's foot injury limits him anway, this could be an opportunity for Jonathan.