5 backups the Buffalo Bills must re-sign in the 2024 offseason

Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins
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Dane Jackson

Dane Jackson was a seventh round pick by the Buffalo Bills in 2020 and over four seasons has primarily been a part-time starter. However, due to injuries has started a good number of games with six or more starts each of the last three seasons.

While Jackson might not be an ideal option for a long-term starter, his starting experience (especially in this defense) is very valuable as a backup. The Bills have seen players like Tre'Davious White and Christian Benford miss time over the past two seasons and a defense with Dane Jackson ready to step right in is a great player to have.

Similar to Tyrel Dodson, there may be a team that can offer Dane Jackson a starting cornerback spot. This will be tough for the Bills to beat but if there isn't much of a market, bringing back Jackson on a one-year deal can really help solidify the cornerback position.