4 veteran pass rushers the Buffalo Bills can still sign in 2024

The Buffalo Bills may not be done with free agency this offseason. Brandon Beane is known for some late offseason signings. What edge defenders are available that the Bills could add to the roster ahead of training camp?
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Charles Harris

Charles Harris is the definition of a dart throw. I added him to the list for a few reasons though, one is that he isn't in his 30s yet (he turns 30 during the 2024 season), he would come at a cheap cost, and he is a former first-round pick (22nd overall). Over his seven-year career, he has accumulated a total of 18 sacks and has started in more than five games in a single season only once. Not amazing numbers; however, his best season came in 2021, when he earned a starting role with the Detroit Lions.

In that season, he started 14 games and played 872 snaps. He produced eight sacks and an impressive 65 total tackles. In 2022, he followed that up by starting four of six games; however, he missed the majority of the season due to injury, and when he returned in 2023, he struggled to find that 2021 magic, playing only 292 snaps while starting only three games. If he's fully healthy, could he be a productive player for the Bills in 2024?