4 things the Buffalo Bills need to do to secure win against Las Vegas Raiders

Buffalo Bills v Las Vegas Raiders
Buffalo Bills v Las Vegas Raiders / Ethan Miller/GettyImages
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The Buffalo Bills defense need to stop the run

Allen's ugly performance foreshadowed how much the run defense was struggling against the Jets' runningbacks, especially when running back Breece Hall was in the backfield.

Hall broke off three big runs against the Bills run defense, including an 83-yard run that would set the Jets up with a field goal. Hall would end his night with 10 rushes for 127 yards, averaging 12.7 yards per carry.

Jets running back Dalvin Cook would have a decent night, rushing for 33 yards on the ground, along with five plays where he would run for at least five yards.

A lot can be blamed on Bills linebacker Terrel Bernard, who did seem a bit shaky for his first start. Although, fingers will be pointed at the McDermott and defense, which we've only seen a glimpse of, and lots of players, including some vets, need to adapt.

Regardless, the Bills' run defense needs to step up against last year's leading rusher Josh Jacobs, who is obviously a more successful back and overall more dangerous.