4 teams that could trade for Buffalo Bills cornerback Kaiir Elam

Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots
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Baltimore Ravens

In an ideal world, the Buffalo Bills would prefer to trade Kaiir Elam outside of the AFC and certainly wouldn't want to necessarily help a team they could see in the playoffs. One of those teams is the Baltimore Ravens, who after the Kansas City Chiefs could be playing the best football in the conference.

However, if the Bills don't believe Elam is going to be able to make an impact and they need a roster spot then the Ravens might be their best option. For the Ravens, similar to the Cowboys, they run a lot of man coverage and this is the type of coverage that allows Elam to utilize his athleticism and play to his strengths.

The Ravens did just get Marlon Humphrey back for the first this season in Week 5 and he has stepped right back into the starting lineup. On the other side of Humphrey is Brandon Stephens who has played well this season.

The reason it makes sense for the Baltimore Ravens is that Elam could learn from the starters and provide a player with high upside as a backup that solidifies the position.