4 safeties the Buffalo Bills could draft to replace Jordan Poyer

Jordan Poyer
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Cole Bishop

Cole Bishop is more of an athletic prospect that could potentially have a higher ceiling, but a lower floor as a rookie compared to the other top prospects in this class. At 6'2", he has a slightly larger frame and a faster 40 yard dash than Kinchens or Nubin, so having these tangibles makes Bishop a fun prospect to develop.

Even with these stats, Bishop is a target for possibly a late day 2 or early day 3 prospect, which is where Beane can get some diamonds in the rough. Bishop plays his best closer to the line of scrimmage as a box defender, where his speed and ability to close at the point of attack shines.

Unfortunately, this means he doesn't have as much versatility being a single high safety, but he isn't poor at it either. Playing at Utah means he had to practice against the likes of Dalton Kincaid, which could have helped develop him into a better safety this past year. Drafting Bishop would help develop some friendly competition in practice again for these 2, and would help iron sharpen iron.