4 safeties the Buffalo Bills could draft to replace Jordan Poyer

Jordan Poyer
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Kamren Kinchens

As mentioned before, Kam Kinchens was the top safety prospect before the combine. With a poor 40 yard time potentially hurting his draft stock, he could fall to possibly the 3rd round. This could be a benefit for Brandon Beane, considering there was another draft prospect that he wished would run a slower 40 time (Gabe Davis) which allowed him to pick Gabe up in the 4th round of the 2020 NFL draft.

I feel this could be the same thinking and process to his decision on a player like Kam Kinchens. Kam is such a great fit for the McDermott defense. With an exceptional football IQ, he's able to read and diagnose plays, which helps to react and close in to where the ball is going. Because of this, he can be a ballhawk, or at the very least get to the point of attack and limit yards after the catch.

Along with being able to play single-high and be a centerfielder, he also can come down in the box and play as an undersized LB, much like what Poyer did in his last season with the Bills. The other fact that could convince Beane to draft Kinchens is the new DBs coach for the Bills, Jahmile Addae. Addae was in the same coaching role for Miami last season with Kinchens, so I can see Addae speaking Kinchens up to Beane.

Having that continuity with Addae could go a long way for transitioning to the pro level under Sean McDermott.