4 risky free agent wide receivers Buffalo Bills could target

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Marquise Brown

One thing that was missing from the Buffalo Bills offense last year was speed, or a wide receiver that could get over the top of defenses. The Bills did have Deonte Harty but he wasn't on the field enough, or involved in the offense enough, that defenses needed to really play back and account for that part of the passing game.

One player that could do that is Marquise Brown, who was a first round pick by the Ravens in 2019. However, unlike Evans he hasn't really lived up to the draft capital as he has only one season with over 1,000 receiving yards and has had two average seasons with the Cardinals after being traded there by Baltimore.

Brown definitely does have speed and he hasn't really had great quarterback play (Arizona) or been in a pass heavy offense to this point (Baltimore). The concern is that Brown has dealt with a lot of injuries as of late and there may be some team that will overlook that to sign him to sizable contract. The Bills shouldn't be the team that talks themselves into that.