4 ripple effects from the Buffalo Bills signing Leonard Floyd

Leonard Floyd, Buffalo Bills
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The Buffalo Bills over the weekend agreed to a four-year extension with Ed Oliver but they weren't done with their defensive line. On Monday, it was reported by NFL Network's Ian Rapoport that the Bills had agreed to a one-year deal with Leonard Floyd.

Floyd is a veteran edge rusher who was drafted ninth overall by the Chicago Bears in the 2016 NFL Draft. However, he really didn't make much impact with the Bears in his first four years there and he would sign as a free agent with the Los Angeles Rams in 2020.

In the past three seasons with the Rams, Floyd has looked like a different player with 29 sacks and 59 QB hits compared to only 18.5 sacks and 44 QB hits in the four seasons with the Bears. Now with the Buffalo Bills, the addition of Floyd is not made in a silo and his presence will have a ripple effect throughout the roster.

4 ripple effects from the Buffalo Bills signing Leonard Floyd

Buffalo Bills unlikely to sign DeAndre Hopkins now

For what has been seemingly going on for months, the Buffalo Bills have gone back and forth about the potential idea of adding DeAndre Hopkins. Earlier this offseason, they were seriously considering trading for him, and then after he was released, the idea was revisited again.

However, salary cap space was an issue but then with the announcement of Ed Oliver's extension, the possibility of opening up enough to sign Hopkins was back to being a reality.

With the Buffalo Bills signing Leonard Floyd to a one-year deal however it likely takes almost any cap space that would have been created with Oliver's extension and the team is back in the position it was before with not having the space to sign DeAndre Hopkins. The door won't be officially closed until he signs somewhere else but at this point, it seems very unlikely.