4 ridiculous Buffalo Bills storylines that can be left behind in 2023

Stefon Diggs, Buffalo Bills
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Sean McDermott might be on the hot seat

It has seemed over the past three years, Sean McDermott is considered to be on the hot seat by fans and all he does is go out and win the division and get the Bills to the playoffs. This offseason was no different, again due to how the season ended, the question of how much longer the Bills will stick with McDermott if the team continues to produce at this level.

That question was answered pretty emphatically recently as he received a contract extension and is now under contract through the 2027 season, along with general manager Brandon Beane.

When looking at Sean McDermott's tenure with the Buffalo Bills, there are plenty that he would want back and decisions that can be criticized. However, what can't be denied is that he has been one of the winningest coaches over the past few seasons with four straight seasons with double digit wins in the regular season and three AFC East division titles.

The idea of Sean McDermott being on the hot seat, either currently or after this season, was clearly not something that was considered within the organization and the Bills now have their head coach for the foreseeable future.