4 ridiculous Buffalo Bills storylines that can be left behind in 2023

Stefon Diggs, Buffalo Bills
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Buffalo Bills should make a change at offensive coordinator

From fans to players and coaches, no one was happy with how the season ended for the Buffalo Bills in their playoff loss to the Cincinnati Bengals. The Bills were not competitive most of the game and would lose 27-10.

The struggles on the offensive side of the ball would have criticism directed towards Ken Dorsey, who was stepping in as offensive coordinator for the first time this past season and replacing Brian Daboll. When looking at the season as a whole, the Bills' numbers looked pretty good as they finished second in total yards per game (397.6) and points per game (28.4).

However, towards the end of the season the offense wasn't nearly as effective and started to show some of these concerning trends that were on full display against the Bengals by not extending drives and turnovers.

In the end, it seemed unrealistic that the Buffalo Bills would make a change this quickly at offensive coordinator with a coach who seemingly was hand-picked by Josh Allen. There are certainly areas Dorsey needs to improve but it would have been premature to make a change this offseason.