4 ridiculous Buffalo Bills storylines that can be left behind in 2023

Stefon Diggs, Buffalo Bills
Stefon Diggs, Buffalo Bills / Bryan M. Bennett/GettyImages
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With the calendar about to turn to July, football is right around the corner starting with the Buffalo Bills opening training camp at the end of the month at St. John Fisher College. The past few months are an exciting time period as there are plenty of rumors and speculations with offseason moves and the NFL Draft.

During this time period, the headlines certainly get bigger and almost unbelievable at times. When looking back at this past offseason, these are the four biggest storylines that were bordering on ridiculous that can be left in the offseason.

4 ridiculous Buffalo Bills storylines that can be left behind in 2023

Buffalo Bills need to spend big at running back

The thought process here isn't that ridiculous as the Buffalo Bills have struggled to get much from their run game over the past few years. If they were to add an established veteran like Ezekiel Elliot or Dalvin Cook, it would in theory be the move necessary to bring some semblance of balance to this offense.

However, the front office has made it clear that they don't believe that is what is needed. Instead they would add Damien Harris and Latavius Murray on modest one-year contracts. The hope is that both can be more power backs and pick up those tough yards while James Cook will play more of a role in the passing game.

There are still a number of veteran running backs available that the Bills in theory could add before the start of the season, however, it appears they are satisified with the group they have on the roster.