4 recently released players the Buffalo Bills could sign

Indianapolis Colts v Buffalo Bills
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As the 2023 NFL preseason comes to an end, all NFL staff and GMs are required to make decisions on shrinking their team's roster down to 53 players, including the Buffalo Bills.

Many young players and even some vets would be cut from their desired NFL team, although some GMs decide to sign a player to their practice squad if they potentially have that player on their roster shortly, it also wouldn't stop other NFL teams picking up those players from the practice squad either.

The Buffalo Bills would make some expected decisions for some of the players that would part ways with the team. There were also unexpected cuts that made some fans question the front office based on the performance of some of these players during training camp and preseason.

There are also other players around the league that have been released that could also potentially be on the Bills' radar. Here are four players who were released but would most likely see themselves on the Bills roster in 2023.