4 receivers who should be a priority for Buffalo Bills after impressive NFL Combine

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Brian Thomas Jr - LSU

Brian Thomas Jr was one of my favorites coming into this offseason, and I'm still high on him and would be thrilled to have him on the Buffalo Bills, he's not the favorite. Like I said though, I do like Thomas a lot. He is a far more physically imposing receiver at 6'3" and weighing 209 pounds. Far more imposing than the 165-pound Worthy. Adding to the size, he turned in an official 40-time of 4.33. So, while not as fast as Worthy, he's still plenty fast to take the top off any defense.

Other numbers from Thomas at the NFL Combine were a terrific 10-yard split time of 1.5 seconds; however, his vertical was a decent 38.5" but not spectacular. According to Next Gen Stats, his collegiate production score earned him a 79, with an athleticism score of 92, for an overall NFL Combine score of 86, fifth among all receivers. All the tools are there for Thomas to become an elite receiver but needs to work on his route running, which is certainly a skill that can be coached and developed.