4 reasons why Buffalo Bills will win fourth consecutive AFC East title

Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots
Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots / Billie Weiss/GettyImages
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4.) Continuity

Even though the three other AFC East teams not named the Bills have made big acquisitions for their respective teams, it doesn’t matter until there is production on the field. A team cannot force success right off the bat when there are two new pieces who have never worked together as a team.

The Dolphins’ defense will have to be able to adjust to Vic Fangio’s new defensive scheme. The Jets have a new quarterback who has already commented about the struggles of the offensive line during training camp, and the Patriots are an unknown team with the addition of Bill O’Brien and how well he can be successful with Mac Jones. 

On the other hand, the Bills have continuity in areas that are considered the most crucial in the NFL. They will have the same offensive coordinator with the same quarterback and overall offense. The head coach is still the same and has another year under his belt while others are coaching for their jobs or going into their second season.

While the defense will be changing coordinators, McDermott is already a defensive-minded head coach who can help call the plays and get the players in the best position for success.