4 reasons why the Buffalo Bills will defeat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots
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2.) The Buffalo Bills have problems, but they are mainly internal

It’s no secret that the Buffalo Bills are not the team we are accustomed to seeing the last few years. As mentioned earlier, they are sputtering right now, and have really struggled the last two weeks.

Defensively, the plague of injuries is unfortunately something they can’t control and no one in their right mind should expect them to be the top-flighted unit we have seen for years now. Offensively, it’s a different story, and the good news is the issues there are all internal problems that the team should be able to figure out and correct.

Everyone is quick to blame Ken Dorsey for the recent lack of success from the Bills’ offense, and he deserves his share of criticism but it's deeper than that. If you watch the film, you can see the lack of execution by the team.

Last Sunday’s game is a perfect example, as the Bills routinely failed to pick up blitz packages. A large part of that falls on quarterback Josh Allen, who was off on his pre-snap reads. The offensive line also had their worst performance of the season, thanks in large part to failing to pick up free blitzes.

As a result, Allen was under pressure all game, and the team simply did not have an answer to Bill Belichick’s blitz packages. It is a reason why they struggled against the Jaguars too. Dan Orlovsky, of ESPN, covered it perfectly on Tuesday.

Again, the huge key here is that this is mainly an internal and mental issue. That can be fixed and should be fixed heading into this game. Another big issue is the team shooting themselves in the foot. Dropped passes and stupid penalties are killing drives on the team. These are all issues the Bills themselves can fix and they should have them fixed.