4 quick reactions to Buffalo Bills dismantling of the Washington Commanders

Buffalo Bills
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Oh my goodness! The Buffalo Bills came out on fire and completely dismantled the 2 - 0 Washington Commanders 37 - 3. Josh Allen was again solid, minus one interception but the Bills were once again more balanced between the run and pass. Allen threw for only 218 yards and completed 20 of 32 passes. He tossed one touchdown and an interception, while adding 46 yards on the ground and another touchdown.

Not too look ahead just yet but it's great to see the Bills playing at this level now since they will be hosting the Miami Dolphins, who scored 70 points today. And at the time of writing this, the Dolphins game still isn't over yet.

There was a lot of concern with the Commanders defensive front and rightfully so but all those first-rounders did nothing to wreck the Bills game plan. We'll get more into the Bills performance on the offensive line in just sec, in fact let's just do that now.