4 players on the Buffalo Bills 2022 roster who remain unsigned

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Taiwan Jones

Another player from last year's team that is still a free agent and was a key part of special teams is Taiwan Jones, who was special teams captain in 2021 and 2022. He returned to the Bills in 2020 and has been with the team for the past three seasons with almost all his snaps on special teams (820 special team snaps, 5 offensive snaps).

At 34 years old, Jones may be getting to the end of his career and teams may be looking for younger players to contribute on special teams. The best place for him to continue his career might be the Buffalo Bills but they don't appear to have the roster spot for a dedicated special teams player.

The Bills already have four running backs on the roster in James Cook, Damien Harris, Nyheim Hines, and recently signed Latavius Murray. If the front office wanted to bring Jones back, Murray would be the player most likely to be cut.

However, with the team signing Latavius Murray after the draft when they could have signed Taiwan Jones the Buffalo Bills look ready to go in another direction this season.