4 pass rushers the Bills could target in the first round of 2024 NFL Draft

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Marshawn Kneeland

The final player is one that might be viewed as a reach but if the Buffalo Bills see a number of the top fits be selected before their pick, this is the player that might make the most sense. The Bills had Marshawn Kneeland in for a Top-30 visit earlier this month and could be a good fit into the rotation at the position.

Kneeland played at Western Michigan and is a powerful rusher at 267 pounds. He would have only 12.5 sacks over four seasons but had 28 tackles for a loss and 149 total tackles.

The reason that Kneeland would be a great fit for this position is that he does a great job collapsing the pocket with his bull rush. He may not get the sack but he will disrupt the play and force the quarterback to start to scramble. This type of player would be perfect alongside Greg Rousseau, who excels at completing the sack once the play begins to break down.

There certainly is room to grow for a player like Kneeland to develop into a pass rusher but he could make an impact right away as a rookie against the run and bringing some power to that position.