4 non-WR prospects who could help Bills dominate 2024 NFL Draft's first round

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Byron Murphy II

Byron Murphy II out of Texas is expected to be selected before the Buffalo Bills pick at 28th overall but if by chance he starts to fall down the first round, the front office will need to really consider making a move to select the defensive tackle.

In three seasons, Murphy had eight sacks, 15 tackles for a loss, and 70 total tackles in 34 games. He is not a big defensive tackle at 6'0" and 297 pounds but is explosive for the position. Interestingly, the scouting report on NFL.com used current Bills defensive tackle Ed Oliver as the NFL comparison for the player.

While the Bills would be giving up size in the middle of the field with Oliver and Murphy both playing at the same time, they could easily create mismatches when rushing the quarterback. These two in the middle with Greg Rousseau and Von Miller on the outside would be a nightmare for opposing offenses.

The selection of Murphy may seem redundant with Oliver on the roster but with how much the Bills rotate over the course of a game, both players would be valuable for the defense.