4 non-WR prospects who could help Bills dominate 2024 NFL Draft's first round

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Cooper DeJean

Continuing in that theme of giving the Buffalo Bills options and picking players that bring versatility, then defensive back Cooper DeJean could be the team's pick in the first round. He was a big part of the Iowa defense the past two seasons and in 23 games, had 116 total tackles, five sacks, seven interceptions, 13 passes defended, and three defensive touchdowns.

DeJean has experience at both cornerback and safety but if there is one concern with him is that he doesn't necessarily fit in either position. However, the scouting report on NFL.com on DeJean included:

"DeJean should be a big athletic tester, which will help get the hype train going, but finding the proper schematic fit will be important in unlocking his best football as a zone corner or interchangeable safety."

That proper schematic fit sounds exactly what the Buffalo Bills run and while they have Mike Edwards and Taylor Rapp, DeJean has a lot of potential in this defense. The Bills had a lot of luck with a former Iowa defensive back at safety with Micah Hyde and DeJean could continue that trend.