4 nightmare scenarios for the Buffalo Bills in 2023

Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills
Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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1.) Tyler Bass recreates “wide right” in the Super Bowl against the Philadelphia Eagles

Imagine this scenario…the Bills make it to the playoffs, get past the divisional round and win the AFC. They head out to Las Vegas to try and win their first ever super bowl in franchise history against the Eagles. In the 4th quarter, it all comes down to a Tyler Bass field goal to seal a championship victory for the Bills…and then “wide right 2.0” becomes a reality and the Bills lose on another major heartbreak.

Bass would recreate the infamous Scott Norwood wide right kick that Norwood made against the Giants in 1990, where the Bills lost 20-19. Now you might be wondering “why the Eagles?”

The Bills have competed in four Super Bowls, all of which came against Washington, the New York Giants, and the Dallas Cowboys twice. The Bills have only faced the NFC East in super bowls so if they were to face the Eagles and lose, they would have officially been swept in the super bowl by the entire NFC East division. 

This would be the ultimate nightmare scenario for the Bills this season and it would be hard to figure out a way for Bills fans to accept this loss.