4 nightmare scenarios for the Buffalo Bills in 2023

Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills
Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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3.) The Buffalo Bills lose for a third consecutive year in the Divisional Round

Since their 2020 AFC championship appearance, the Bills have failed to get past the divisional round the last two seasons. Their first loss came in overtime when they gave up a field goal with 13 seconds in regulation, which ultimately let Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs offense walk down the field to beat the Bills 42-36.

Last season was not a heartbreak, but rather a complete beatdown with the Cincinnati Bengals steamrolling the Bills 27-10. As of now, the Bills are arguably the third best team in the AFC (maybe even the second-best) but their road to the super bowl has become increasingly harder each season. 

It’s not only the Chiefs and Bengals that they will have to potentially prepare for. The Jacksonville Jaguars are up and coming with Trevor Lawrence. The Los Angeles Chargers are always competing until the very end. Even in their own division, the Bills will have to worry about the improved Miami Dolphins who seem to be the biggest threat to the Bills in the AFC East.

If the Bills do indeed make it back to the divisional round this season, they better find a way to make it back to the conference championship or their super bowl window could definitely be closing.