4 nightmare scenarios for the Buffalo Bills in 2023

Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills
Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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4.) Stefon Diggs holds out/gets injured

Since the divisional round loss to the Bengals and the infamous photo of Stefon Diggs raising his arms up toward Josh Allen in frustration, drama has been one of the main topics of the Bills this offseason.

Visibly upset about how the season ended last season, Diggs has been the main topic of concern for the media. It started with Diggs not showing up the first day of mandatory minicamp, to then sending out cryptic Instagram messages, and then commenting about how he feels he is not involved in the offense like he wants to be. 

We don’t know how the Buffalo Bills offense will look with this drama brewing all over the media. One thing for certain though is that if Diggs does indeed not suit up for the Bills (whether because of a holdout, gets traded, or gets injured), the Bills will arguably have the worst receiving unit in the division.

Not having Diggs on the field takes away an immediate threat against opposing defenses’ and Josh Allen may not be as effective as he usually is.