4 nightmare scenarios for the Buffalo Bills in 2023

Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills
Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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The Buffalo Bills have been a part of football for 64 years, and have recently had success since head coach Sean McDermott took over the reins in 2017. McDermott has been the best coach the Bills have had since Marv Levy, leading the Bills to the playoffs five times in six seasons.

They have reached as far as the AFC championship game, but have lost twice in the Wild Card round and twice in the divisional round under McDermott. Since 2020, the Bills have been super bowl contenders who have their championship window open. The only issue is that while they have become stronger, the other teams in the conference have become stronger as well. 

The 2023 season is a very crucial season for the Bills in the McDermott era. Big contracts have kicked in and luck has not been on their side in recent seasons. Whether it was injuries, not being prepared for opponents, or giving the Chiefs 13 seconds, the Bills have faced scenarios that have ended in heartbreak. 

With the NFL season looking to kickoff in two months, the Bills will look to get past teams like the Chiefs and the Bengals to raise the Lombardi trophy. Although, while there are dreams of aspirations, there is also a reality of various things that could go wrong. Here are four nightmare scenarios that could put the Bills super bowl aspirations at a halt once again.