4 key training camp battles on offense for the Buffalo Bills

Tennessee Titans v Buffalo Bills
Tennessee Titans v Buffalo Bills / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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4.) Backup quarterback - Kyle Allen, Matt Barkley

This first competition to keep an eye on will be about the backup quarterbacks, who have to be ready at any time. The Bills have had a rotation at backup quarterbacks since 2020 with Barkley, Mitch Trubisky, and Case Keenum.

The role of the backup quarterback is to help the starting quarterback see the field when they are on the field and overall, be there as a support. In addition, the backup quarterback has to be ready to take the field in case something happens with the starter. 

Josh Allen has not missed any games since his rookie season and has managed to either stay healthy or play hurt (UCL injury in 2022). This may not seem like a big battle, but it involves the most important position in the sport.

Kyle Allen was signed this past offseason and Barkley has been on the practice squad since 2021. Allen will have the advantage to be QB2, but can Barkley create pressure in this completion?