4 initial reactions to Buffalo Bills Week 1 loss against the NY Jets

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Josh Allen looked like elite Josh Allen at times but a rookie QB at others

Allen has some great plays in the game, particularly the first touchdown to Diggs. He did an excellent job of getting out of pocket, avoiding the rush, and passing at the last possible second. That play was later followed by an explicable pass down the field that was picked off inside the ten yard line. He later had a similar pass to Diggs, who was double covered, and also resulted in a pick. And, a third pick in the fourth quarter too. I'm not sure what he was looking at with all three of these but he better clean that up in a huge way going forward.

He finished the game with 236 passing yards, and 1 touchdown, and also added another 36 yards on the ground. Unfortunately, he also tossed three interceptions and a fumble that helped keep the Jets in the game, and ultimately win in overtime. I haven't seen Allen this bad since his rookie year either.

And of course, Josh is still trying to hurdle defenders and avoids going out of bounds like it's a plague. I don't mind the running around, but I would really like to see him start just getting out of harm's way. I also noticed Allen with a greater willingness to hit the check-downs, except on the two picks.

As predicted, the Bills utilized 12-personnel (2 TE sets) A LOT

In the first half alone, the Buffalo Bills operated out of this set nearly 50 percent of the time and even at times had three tight ends on the field and still passed out of this formation. They continued in 12-personnel throughout the second half as well and this appears that this will be a significant part of their offense this season but if it's like it was tonight, let's find a different approach.

Knox and Kincaid combined tonight for seven receptions and 51 yards on eight targets. If they continue to utilize this grouping, I would like to see them get a little more involved, as they seemed to disappear in the second half, which also correlates with three of his turnovers.

The Buffalo Bills pass rush is alive and dominant

Aaron Rodgers completed four plays in his debut, and three of those were drop backs. He was pressured by the Bills pass rush on all three attempts, including the one he was injured on. The Bills defensive front continued to wreak havoc throughout the game with constant pressure all night.

The Bills were chasing Rodgers and Wilson all night, constantly harassing them. Both Gregory Rousseau and Leonard Floyd were a terrific duo, with the interior guys making plays too. Imagine what happens when Von Miller returns.

They produced three total sacks but had a lot of pressures throughout the game, Wilson did a pretty decent job of getting away at times and getting rid of the ball. Leonard Floyd led the way with 1.5 sacks, Jordan Phillips was credited with one and Ed Oliver with .5.

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