4 grossly underpaid Buffalo Bills players entering the 2024 season

After looking over the contracts of the Buffalo Bills, I realized the Bills have a handful of players who are grossly underpaid and need a new contract immediately following the 2024 season.
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CB - Christian Benford

Most fans consider Christian Benford the team's number two corner, but by season's end, that perception may very well change, and be seen as the top CB on the roster. Per PFF, Benford finished with a grade of 83.0, higher than Rasul Douglas, and ranked eighth in the league among all corners. Douglas wasn't too bad himself, earning a PFF grade of 81.0, ranking 11th in the NFL. Benford came in as a rookie and stole the job away from first-round selection Kaiir Elam, and hasn't looked back ever since.

I have no doubt he will continue his upward trajectory and after the 2024 season, will command a much higher price tag than his current deal, which is four years, $3.85 million. He has a cap hit this season of just over $1 million. He has already outplayed this contract and deserves an extension. The Bills are in the same position with Benford as they are with Khalil, the longer they wait to extend him, the more expensive he's likely to become. The Bills most likely get a new deal done next summer though and lock him up for a few more seasons.