4 former Buffalo Bills we would like to see return in 2024

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Mitchell Trubisky

Mitchell Trubisky is one that the Buffalo Bills could actually sign right away as he was released by the Pittsburgh Steelers in February. Since he was released, he does not have to wait for the start of free agency to sign with a new team.

Before joining the Steelers, Trubisky spent one season in Buffalo with the Bills as the backup to Josh Allen. At the time, he was looking for a career reset after a tumultuous start to his career with the Chicago Bears. He would lead the Bears to the playoffs in 2018 and earn a Pro Bowl nod but regressed in the final two seasons there.

He didn't play much during his time in Buffalo as he threw only eight pass attempts during the 2021 regular season but all indications were he was a great fit in the QB room. The biggest question will be whether or not Joe Brady is confident in him running his offense as Brady joined the Bills after Trubisky left to join the Steelers.