4 Buffalo Bills who could still get a contract extension this offseason

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Spencer Brown

Spencer Brown has had an up and down start to his career with the Buffalo Bills as he showed a lot of promise as a rookie with 10 starts but had to improve his pass protection. That unfortunately didn't happen in 2022 as Brown seemed to regress and struggled to provide consistency at right tackle.

It would appear that an offseason back surgery played a role in his performance because this past season Brown was great. He would start all 17 games at right tackle and took that next step forward many hoped he would his second season.

As a third round pick, he signed a four-year rookie contract so this year will be the final year of his current contract and he could be a free agent after the season. However, the Bills have made it a point to keep draft picks past their rookie contract in Buffalo when they have played well and Brown should fall into.

In my opinion, he has shown he can be a quality right tackle in the NFL and even if he has really only one year playing at that level, the Bills are not afraid to extend players when they believe they can continue that play. A perfect example of this is Ed Oliver, who was very inconsistent but that didn't stop the Bills from extending him last offseason and Oliver went on to have the best season of his career.