4 Buffalo Bills veterans who could lose snaps to rookies in 2024

Could these veterans be surpassed by rookies on the Buffalo Bills depth chart?
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Mike Edwards

The Buffalo Bills knew they were going to need at least one new starting safety after releasing Jordan Poyer but it seems each day more likely that it will be in fact two new starting safeties as Micah Hyde contemplates whether he wants to continue his career. Prior to the NFL Draft, the Bills re-signed Taylor Rapp and then signed free agent Mike Edwards which is a duo that the coaching staff could be confident in as their starters.

However, they would draft Cole Bishop out of Utah with their second second-round pick and entering training camp, it looks like there is a wide open competition between these three players.

At this point, Rapp or Edwards could be the ones that lose snaps to the rookies but the reason Edwards is listed here is for a few reasons. The first is that Rapp knows this defense after playing in Buffalo this past season and that experience should give him an advantage over both players.

In addition to the experience, the Bills did sign Rapp to a three-year deal which can be an indication that they believe he not only can be the starter this year but is not just a one-year stop-gap. By the time the season rolls around, the coaching staff is going to want the two best players for their defense but at this point, it seems like Edwards would be the one to lose snaps to the rookie.