4 Buffalo Bills who stood out in Week 16 against the Chargers

Buffalo Bills v Los Angeles Chargers
Buffalo Bills v Los Angeles Chargers / Sean M. Haffey/GettyImages
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Sam Martin

It is never great for a punter to make a notable impact on the game, and more times than not when a punter is recognized it is for something bad. However, Sam Martin had probably one of his best games with the Buffalo Bills and made a big impact on the field position battle.

In this game against the Chargers, Martin would have four punts with an average of 52.3 yards per punt. He also had three of those punts downed inside the 20 yard line with one going out of bounds at the four yard line.

The one punt that wasn't downed inside the 20 was also an incredible kick as the Buffalo Bills were backed up against their own goal line. It was a pretty disastrous sequence of events as the offense had back-to-back penalties on the offensive line followed by a Josh Allen sack on third down.

The punt team came out to kick from their own five before they called a timeout then would be called for a false start penalty that would back them up even further. However, Martin was unphased and would punt it 58 yards.

In these type of games, the Buffalo Bills need some big time performances from unlikely players and this week that player was Sam Martin.