4 Buffalo Bills free agents who could be forced into retirement

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Jordan Phillips

Another defensive tackle that could call it a career that played for the Buffalo Bills this past season is Jordan Phillips. After being a second round pick by the Dolphins in 2015, he was released during the 2018 season and was claimed by the Bills.

He would play in 28 games with Buffalo through the 2019 season that included a breakout season in 2019 when he had 9.5 sacks. After two seasons with the Cardinals, Phillips returned to the Bills in 2022 and played the past two seasons with Buffalo.

When on the field, Jordan Phillips is a great player to have in the rotation at defensive end. However, injuries have been a big issue for him recently. After playing in 16 games in 2019, he has not played a full regular season and missed the last three regular season games and both playoff games in 2023.

At 31 years old, it wouldn't be surprising if the Buffalo Bills re-signed him but when considering how many injuries he has had, it could also make sense that he elects to retire this offseason.