4 Buffalo Bills draft picks who had breakout seasons with other teams

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Marshawn Lynch

Another player that the Buffalo Bills seemingly gave up on too soon was running back Marshawn Lynch. They drafted Lynch in the first round of the 2007 NFL Draft and he quickly made an impact with over 1,000 rushing yards each of his first two seasons and 15 rushing touchdowns during that stretch.

However, the remainder of his time in Buffalo wasn't nearly as impactful as he was suspended the first three games of 2009 and had only 450 rushing yards and then suffered an ankle injury during the preseason of 2010 and played only four games.

At this point, the Bills already had another running back they drafted in the first round on the roster in C.J. Spiller, so Buffalo would trade Lynch to the Seattle Seahawks during the season. He would go on to have four straight seasons with Pro Bowl selections and double digit rushing touchdowns each season.

At that point, the Buffalo Bills were not really in a position to compete for a playoff spot so it made sense to trade him with his rookie contract almost up but it certainly was bitter sweet for fans to see him have success for another team.