4 Buffalo Bills who have bigger roles moving forward after recent injuries

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Dane Jackson

The other cornerback who will now be starting for the Buffalo Bills is Dane Jackson, who has primarily been the backup to begin the season. Jackson knows this defense well after being drafted in the seventh round of the 2020 NFL Draft.

Dane Jackson didn't become a full-time starter until Tre'Davious White suffered a torn ACL in 2021 and he would replace him in the starting lineup. He remained the starter for most of last season with 14 starts.

If Benford can handle covering the number one wide receiver, Dane Jackson could be a very good number two cornerback for this defense. He is a player who might make some mistakes but can recover well, like he did against the Jaguars when he was able to break up a touchdown to Evan Engram after getting beat in coverage.

The cornerback position looks very different but the scheme Sean McDermott runs doesn't put a great deal of pressure on the outside cornerbacks. The secondary certainly can remain one of the top in the league with Benford and Jackson.